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(Weekend to Bless Widows)

The Father's Heart Event, September 22-24, 2017, was reported to be the best event we have had so far.

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Rico Cortes was our keynote speaker. Here is a link of Rico singing the Aaronic Blessing:

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& here is Rico's Teaching website:

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Victor Schultz, creator and designer of , with his wife Mary Kay, specialist in essential oils, are supportive board members.

Dr. David Hamilton was our guest speaker. We attended His Biblical museum called Mishkan Galleries as an event finale.

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The 2016 Father's Heart Event was a big SUCCESS! Although about 10 expected were not able to make it, we had 19 widows, 2 widowers,

8 fatherless, 4 musicians, 9 speakers, 14 messages, 3 staff, 2 hosts & 1 Great Elohim. We ended the day at Mishkan Galleries in Theodore, AL.

The 2015 Father's Heart Event was held at Seashore Methodist Assembly in Biloxi, MS. We had reports that it changed lives. The beach fire was

accompanied by an amazing sunset and beautiful weather.

The 2014 FHE was our inaugural event held at The Gospel Singer's of America building in Pass Christian, MS. It was a most unique and incredible


The Father's Heart Event is a weekend to bless widows. When a specific group of people get together, it is believed that a special anointing over the event can occur to touch hearts in a magnified way. We desire to be instruments in the opening and facilitation of this process with prayers that our Heavenly Father's Holy Spirit will go before us and be there in Joyful dancing over the event. May He be glorified in all of these events.


We need volunteers and sponsors. The cost is $100 to sponsor a widow. We have had widows come to us to share that the weekend changed their lives, so this investment is worth it. Other "ministries" generally charge $300 - $700 directly to widows to attend conferences. We have never charged them a penny and have never asked them to contribute anything. 

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